Travel News Chinese Lion dance Competition on July 2011 at Jalan Hiok Nee, Johor Bahru.

Jalan Tan Hiok Nee (N1 27.385 E103 45.814) was having the Chinese Lion Dance Competition (High Poles) on the street for the first time in the month of July 2011.

There were total of 8 teams from other states of Malaysia participated in the competition. We were there slight late because we missed the first Lion from Malacca...

The whole area was packed with peoples! Luckily I found a nice spot just beside the poles.

Every participants were seriously performed in the competition, and that was really a nice show for the night at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee!
It also an eye opener for me because I'm never be so close to the competition area!

The jumping Lion!

It was Tough for me to take the photo that evening because of shooting fast moving object in low light situation. Most of my photos turn out blurred!

 The judges of the night

The organizers had warning those photographers that 'Please Don't Use Your Flash Light!'...but seems like none of them got the message! Everyone still Flash like nobody business!

The Lions came out one-by-one and they did the Best they can on the Poles, but unfortunately...some of them fall down! (cause by their skill or the flash?! I'm not sure...)

Too bad I had to watched the exciting show through the lens that night...

I really admired their fantastic skill (all the 8 teams), and they did well through all the difficulties on it! One of the amazing moment was when the lion bend down... (below)

The lion bend down, not falling!

The fall of the Lion

Total of 5 Lion's teams had fall from the poles that night, and most of them fall down at the highest pole at the back...

The Lion before it jump on the poles...

The Result : 2nd runner up belong to the Lion's team from Kelapa Sawit, Johor. 1st runner up was grabbed by the Kuala Lumpur team and the Champion belong to the Team from 'Kuan Sen Kong' Temple - Muar, they are also the World Champion for the past few years.

The Champion of the night! Kuan Sen Kong's Lion.

We were really impressed by the skill when they 'Fly', 'Jump' and 'Dance' on the poles! 

The performance of the Champion!

We were totally enjoyed the 2 hours Lion dance show that night especially my daughter! She was very excited! Haha!
Hopefully they will organize this type of event every year!

Location map of Jalan Tan Hiok Nee at Johor Bahru.

Travel News Modern Revelations Restaurant at Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.

Modern Revelations Restaurant (N1.52985 E103.79364) is located at Jalan Molek 2/3, Taman Molek - Johor Bahru.

Modern Revelations Restaurant at Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.

Visited the restaurant for Japanese BBQ dinner on one of the Saturday night, and it was crowded with customers!
The decoration is nice and every table provided with a chimney which suck out all the BBQ smoke.

Cozy and smokeless environment

They have many type of different foods and package and we decided for the Japanese Seafood BBQ package. The foods served on our table fast and the staffs provide good service!

The squids, fish and abalone.

We only chose the chicken and pork, didn't take any beef or mutton package...

The pork and the chicken


The special sauce

After all the foods served, the waitress put one unique and small BBQ pit on the table. That was really cute! :)

The BBQ seafood and others were Nice & Delicious! Especially the sauce! We were satisfied with the foods and the service here! I like the pork, it was tender and juicy! Yummy! All of us enjoy the BBQ session that night!
The Damage : MYR150.00 for 4 adults and 2 children included drinks. Well, it was reasonable and cheaper than the Korean BBQ Restaurant we visited before but there are totally different on the foods and the taste.

They have total of 3 restaurants at Johor Bahru located at 3 different places. Another 2 restaurant are located at Taman Sentosa and Taman Sutera Utama.

Modern Revelation Restaurant
44, Jalan Molek 2/3, 
Taman Molek,
Johor Bahru.
Tel : +607-3521803

Location map of Modern Revelations Restaurant at Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.

Travel News The Sexy and Powerful Smartphone!

In the dilemma on selecting the Smartphone? Yes...I had the same situation before. There are too many brands and models in the market, sometimes it makes us really difficult to choose a phone for ourselves.

But all is over now! The new Samsung Galaxy SII is one of the nice and best performance Smartphone in the market for the moment. I had been attracted by the Sexy look for the first sight! It has a solid finishing outlook and equipped with the Dual-core 1.2Ghz ARM Cortex -A9 powerful CPU to handle all Hardcore App in the market. Click here for Full Specification.

Photo from :

The Samsung Galaxy S already became my Best Companion when I travel. I share my travel photos & videos along the way to Facebook and Twitter. Check my email anytime and do some browsing on the internet. Beside that...the phone also provide my exact location where am I, I use it as A Navigator. It's really Help! I believe the Samsung Galaxy SII can do much more better than this!

Hey! Do I mention about video? Please click the URL ( where you can enjoy the videos shared from the owners of Samsung Galaxy SII. Take note of the word - "Clcik Here!".

Well, I like the Sexy phone very much! Do you?

Travel News Interactive video by SAMSUNG Microsite

Have you ever try the Interactive video from SAMSUNG site? ( It's fun! Click on the link provided and take note the "Click Here" button on the page, then fill in the empty box on the left bottom corner...yes! Any words you like, and see how's the video react! Haha!

The Samsung Microsite

Beside this fun interactive video, you can also submit your interesting video taken by SAMSUNG Galaxy SII, and who know your video might be the One who use for SAMSUNG next campaign! Do it now by click on the link :

Have you take any video by this phone before? It will be appreciate if you can share it.

Key-in any word you like to see how's the video react. (The Red arrow)

I did some video shooting on my GALAXY S and it's be able to produce a decent video clip...and I confident with the SAMSUNG GALAXY SII can even provide much better clip because of the Full HD feature. SAMSUNG Galaxy SII equipped with 8mb camera and be able to take FULL HD movie (1080p@30fps), that really produce nice and excellent video clips whenever you go! 

Just imagine that you carry a Full HD Video camera with you everyday - 24 hours that you Won't miss out any Precious moment around you, Great! :) Try it to Believe it!

I will try to shoot some videos by using the SAMSUNG Galaxy SII and will be post on this blog next week, do visit it and give some comments. Thanks.

Travel News FULL HD Video by The Light and Sexy - Samsung Galaxy SII

The SAMSUNG Galaxy SII Smartphone is also A Full HD (1080p@30fps) Video Recorder. It allow you to carry the video recorder anywhere you go because it's so light & sexy!

This was one of my dream many years ago, that I can carry A camera + video camera with me anywhere I travel, even every phone capable to capture video, the quality is Not as good as the Samsung Galaxy SII, it's all because of the Full HD Recording.

There are some video taken by Samsung Galaxy SII below....take a look...

Travel with Galaxy SII

I wish one day some talented peoples will just use the GALAXY SII to shoot a whole 1 hour 30 minutes movie! That will be GREAT!
Have you try to shoot a video with your GALAXY SII before? Do it now and upload to the site Don't bury your talent! Please upload and share with everyone, you might be the lucky one if your video use it for the next SAMSUNG campaign!


The Galaxy SII with the Full HD Video Camera will be the good point to motivate you to start a simple video shooting, even I'm not good in video shooting, but I just can't stop myself to press on the 'Record' button once I hold the phone! Haha!

Beside the Excellent Video from the SAMSUNG GALAXY SII, it's also a powerful phone to complete your daily task. So...once it complete your important task, don't forget to try on a short video shooting and share with us! :)

Travel News Mooncake Festival Party @ Macroview Care Centre

Time flies....I was attended the Mooncake Festival Party at Macroview Care Centre again! The respond is getting better and better compare with the previous year. The centre was packed with peoples even around 6pm.

The parents were having their foods and waiting for the Party to begin!

The party started with the simple workout of a group of children...

The two young MC of the night...

Piano performance...
Many of them can play very well...

The young pretty teachers of the centre...(below)

And also the satisfied smile from the Principle - Mr Tan (below)

The shows continued with groups and groups children on the stage...they had the singing, dancing, telling the story, ballet, magic performance, diabolo performance, Pop dance and also parents performance.

Youngest children in the centre


Story telling...

Ballet performance

"Nobody" Dance!

In within the performance, the teachers also presented the Encouragement Award to the children.

Encouragement Award

Then the shows continue...

Pop Dance

Diabolo Performance

Diabolo Performance - The Moment!

Group performance

Little Magic show...

And at last, the teachers performance!

Teachers Performance!

After 3-4 hours show, the party came into the candles session where I like the most every time I visit Macroview Care Centre Mooncake Festival.
All the children found their comfort place and started to light up the candles one-by-one...the whole area was quiet down and I felt the same atmosphere every year...Peace!

Cute little boy lighted up his candles.

Candles session...

The session last for about 1 hour more, that end the Mooncake Festival Party 2011 at Macroview.